Photo collages for the 1st birthday – a set of 12 collages

Your first 12 months together are almost over, and you will soon celebrate your child’s first birthday. Those first months must have been full of ups and downs. Difficult moments, but also a lot of beautiful emotions. First smiles, sitting up, first steps, and new flavors. A child’s first birthday is a wonderful occasion to celebrate!

However, it is easy to fall into a trap here. Since it’s such an important milestone, it needs to be celebrated. Party, gifts, first photo album. But how do you find the time to do all this?

That’s the reason why I offer photo collages for your child’s first birthday. Choose photos from different stages of the child’s life – from birth to the first birthday. You will receive the prepared collage in digital form. Place it in a photo album, photo book, or in a frame on the wall. Imagine what it would look like in an album – on the left-hand side a number made up of photos, and on the other a single photo of a child from a particular month. That’s it. Nothing more is needed.


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No one takes pictures of what they want to forget

If as a parent you are anything like me, you probably have plenty of pictures of your child. It’d be a shame for these photographs to remain on hard drives only. Instead, use them to celebrate this important stage of your life together.

If you have a large enough wall you can print and hang all 12 numbers in frames – your child will have a wall gallery documenting their life.

Whether you are planning to prepare a traditional photo album, a photo book, or a box with favorite memories, there is a risk that you will feel overwhelmed. You will also probably quickly realize that you have more photos than you can use. And hence my college proposal – 12 colleges representing the first 12 months of your child. Each of the 12 digits can consist of multiple images. Send me as many of them as you want. This will allow each collage page to represent up to 100 or 200 moments.

What kind of photos can you use?

I will use the photos of your choice. These could be the favorite places, people, pets or objects.

Why am I actually offering to prepare a set of 12 collages for the first birthday?

People will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou

People take photos to remember moments and things. And to remember what they felt when the photo was taken. This is also how I record the moments that are important to me. I then have the photographs printed and store them in albums and photo books.

Too often, however, I see and hear that photos live only on disks and phones. Why don’t we set them free together?

How will I customize the collage?

✔️ I will use as many photos as you send me.

✔️ I will prepare individual files with numbers from 1 to 12, but if you want, I can also put several per page.

✔️ If you have a favorite font, let me know and I will use it in the project.

Are your photos safe?

Your photo collage will be created on my computer. I do not use online services and do not send your images to any company offering such services.

How do you get the finished collage?

You will receive a digital file at a resolution that will allow you to print it out at a print shop, photocopy shop, or develop it as a print or poster.

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