Enjoy your memories

Collages and mosaics
made of your photos

It’d be a shame for your photos to sit on a disk or phone and collect digital dust. Instead, post them on the wall or put them on a shelf. Let them please you every day.


My job is to turn chaotic folders with photos and videos into collections of memories

I have a dream – a world where people look at their own photos in albums and photo books and tell the stories of their lives.

„No one takes pictures of what they want to forget” and you probably also try to capture the fleeting moments with photographs. But if you’re anything like my clients – your photos are just stored on your phone or on a disk somewhere.

So I strongly urge you, since you already have photos (probably even a lot), display them in your home. Print some of them and hang them in frames around the house or have a collage made of them.

Such a photo collage could also be a unique gift for someone close to your heart. It does not get anything more personalized than a made-to-order photo collage made up of the photos of the gift recipient.

Select a design

You can choose from a variety of collage and mosaic designs in my store. Choose the one that suits you best or that the recipient will like best. If you can't find a design for you, feel free to contact me.

Buy the project

Buy the design of your choice in the shop. Pay for the order and wait for an email with information on where you can upload the images. I will contact you within 1 working day. Speed up the process by selecting images for the project even before I contact you.

Send me the photos

Once you have a message from me, send me your photos. I will send you a design for approval within two working days. Now it's time to think about where you will print or develop your design.

Accept the design

All that is left is to accept the design and receive your personalized collage or a mosaic. You will receive a digital file prepared at a resolution that allows you to have it printed at a print shop, or have a printed as a photo.

Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, I am not able to deliver printed designs internationally.


Personalized photo collages and photo mosaics can be purchased in my online store

Hi, I'm Weronika!

I'm the first photo manager in Poland

I turn cluttered collections of photos and videos into collections of memories that are organized, safe, and easy to search.

Apart from organizing printed and digital photos, I also offer a range of related services such as personalized photo mosaics & photo collages, family yearbook videos, highlight reels, and photo book designs.

If you are curious about the profession or how I can help you, schedule a free appointment with me.

FAQ - answers to frequently
asked questions

YES. I store your photos in a secure tool that only I will have access to. I’m aware that in my realm of work I’m dealing with the delicate and private matter – your personal pictures – so I have introduced a number of protective measures, such as two-factor authentication when logging in, encrypting drives, and using only verified tools.

Both photo mosaics and photo collages are created based on your individual needs. Before I even start working on the purchased mosaic or collage, we will discuss your expectations and needs – like fonts, colors, and upcoming deadlines. Therefore I am quite confident it’s highly unlikely you won’t like what I’ll prepare for you.

I will, of course, delete them in accordance with the privacy policy and rules on the processing of personal data.

Just me, no one else. I take information security, secrets, and privacy very seriously. If you have any doubts – let’s chat and discuss your perspective.

No. I am a photo manager who turns chaotic folders with photographs and movies into legacy collections. Additionally, I also offer a range of related services such as personalized photo mosaics & photo collages, family yearbook videos, highlight reels, and photo book designs. Of course, I can edit photos in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop to some extent or design photo layouts, but graphic design is not my core competency. And I’m all about sticking to my expertise and souring out the things I’m not an expert in.

I will send you the finished design within two working days once I have your photos. If you need your design asap, let me know and we’ll figure it out.

I am glad you asked this question! A digital collage resembles a paper collage you could make with paper, photos, and scissors. The digital version, however, allows for more corrections and control. When it comes to a photo mosaic – it can hold as many as 25,000 images. The individual images then make up the larger image. It’s best seen in an example, so head over here to see one: https://sklep.bankwspomnien.pl/en/produkt/mozaic-wedding-gift/. In plain words – one could make a paper-and-scissors collage, but it’s unlikely you could make the photo mosaic in a similar manner.

Definitely no. This is what makes my service different from other automated services. You order a personalized design and you have full control of the details. Do you have a favorite shape, font, or another idea? – just let me know. Or maybe you have an occasion but have no idea what to order – I’d be happy to help!

Memories on walls will make you interiors more cosy & personalized

Anything else you would like to ask?

Send an email at kontakt [at] bankwspomnien.pl. Let’s chat!