Photo managerka Weronika Gasperczyk z albumem na zdjęcia


I’m on a mission to organize photos and videos so that you can enjoy them every day. I’ve started this business because I want you to have easy access to the memories saved on your photos and videos.

The first time I felt that this was exactly what I wanted to do was when I almost lost all my photos. My phone had a close encounter with a metal escalator and died. It took some of my family photos with it. Unfortunately, I never found out which ones.


When I started investigating the subject of lost photos, recovering them, and organizing them, I noticed that hardly anyone in Poland talks about how important photos are for storytelling and memory keeping. Photo backup guides are published in tech lingo as a supplement to data backups. And they intimidate mere mortals right off the bat. That’s how I ended up with The Photo Managers organization. First I learned from them how to organize and store my photos. And now I’m a member of TPM, soon to be certified, and together with colleagues from all over the world, I’m working towards a future in which people don’t lose photos and memories.


I dream about a world, in which:

  • children touch printed photos & albums, and women have the courage to tell their own stories;
  • you have always an easy access to your photos and memories captured in them;
  • people benefit from the abundance of emotions they store in their photos;
  • people don’t lose their photos with dying equipment and shut down online services.


You may have heard about companies and organizations such as Google, Accenture, Orange, International Personal Finance or Procter & Gamble. In my career, I have worked for or with them, among others.
I have more than 15 years of professional experience, which led me to become a professional photo manager. I have been a project manager in my career, so I know how to lead and finish projects very well. I worked in a marketing interactive agency, so I understand that every client has different needs. And last but not least, I used to work as a simultaneous interpreter for many years, so I can learn absolutely anything and find any information that is on the Internet and outside.

Why would I mention all of it? I want to show you that I was not born yesterday. Quite the opposite. I have hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of training in various fields under my belt. And I use everything that my professional path and life have taught me in my mission. A mission to save collections of memories from oblivion.
Want to see if we get along? No problem, I completely understand you! You can schedule a complimentary online meeting with me below. We’ll get to know each other and you’ll see if you’re comfortable with my way of doing things.