Photo mosaic from a journey


You return from a trip with pockets full of experiences and beautiful moments. But probably also with a phone and camera filled to the brim with photos. What if you could use some beautiful photos from one of your trips and with it highlight thousands or even tens of thousands of photos from your collection?

You’ll never think again – I have so many photos and they’re all on the hard drive. How great it would be to have pictures on the wall. Now you can have your entire collection on the wall. Seriously! I will use as many photos as you send me.

You will receive the mosaic in the form of a digital file at a resolution that will allow it to be printed at a print shop, photocopy shop, or developed as a print or poster.

This is the lowest price


Photo mosaic – a great way to highlight memories

“Nobody takes pictures of what they want to forget”

So let your photographs adorn your home and your life. All you need to do is collect photos that have sentimental value to you and place them in frames on the walls. You can also order a personalized mosaic from photos from me. This will ensure that your memories have a lasting place in your home. These can be made from photographs of family, friends, places, or events. You can also use your photos to create a unique gift for someone else. It is an easy way to create something that your loved ones will enjoy.

If you have a lot of photos and find it difficult to find your way through your archive, I can help you. I am a photo manager and professionally turn cluttered photo and video folders into collections of memories. I organize digital archives in person (Poland) and remotely (worldwide). Curious about the profession and service? Take a look at my article Photo manager – what I do and how I can help you organize your photos.

What kind of photos can you send me?

The photos can depict favorite places, people, animals, or objects.

The mosaic can be made of photos you already have, or you can make new ones.

Why do you actually offer to prepare photo mosaics?

People will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou

If you are anything like my clients, you take a lot of photos, to remember moments and things. And to remember the feeling you had when the photo was taken. This is also how I record the moments that are important to me. I then develop them and store them in albums and photo books.

Too often, however, I see and hear that photos only live on disks and phones. Why don’t we set them free together?

How will I customize the photo mosaic?

✔️ The mosaic will be prepared from your photographs.

✔️ You choose the main photo yourself – the basis of the mosaic.

✔️ I will use as many photos as you want. The more, the better.

✔️ If you want to sign the mosaic, let me know.

How many photos can you send me?

As many as you choose. In the case of mosaics – the more, the better. The most beautiful mosaics are from tens of thousands of photos. But do not worry – the photos can be repeated, so I will use as many as you send over.

Are my photos safe?

Your photo mosaic will be created on my computer. I do not use online services and do not send your images to any company offering such services.

How do you get the finished mosaic?

You will receive a digital file at a resolution that will allow you to print it out at a print shop, photocopy shop, or develop it as a print or poster.