Collage – pregnancy

A collage of photos prepared especially for you in the shape of a pregnant woman. I will prepare the collage, customized for you, so you are free to choose the photo that will be its basis.

✔️ The basis of the collage will be your photo of a pregnant woman.

✔️ I will use as many photos as you want.

✔️ If you want to sign the collage, just let me know.


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Unique photo collage to commemorate pregnancy

Decorate your interiors with your favorite pregnancy memories. The finished collage can be hung on the wall as a poster, canvas painting, or framed. You can also choose to present the collage differently – for example, adding it to a photo album.

We are all pressed for time and only a few have curated photos in their photo collections. The rest face photo clutter and miss the benefits of displaying images around our homes. That’s why it’s a great idea to have your photos printed, framed, and displayed around the house. If you have many favorite shots, a photo collage might be an option. You can make it yourself or use services such as mine.

If you are looking for a unique and original way to immortalize the time of waiting for a baby, such a photo collage is the perfect solution for you. I’ll prepare it according to your needs and expectations – I’ll use as many photos as you want, and I’ll choose the right font for the caption that you like best.

You can, of course, create the photo collage yourself, but you can also order it from me.

What kind of photos can you use?

The photos can depict favorite places, people, animals, or objects.

The collage can be made from photos you already have, or you can make new ones dedicated to the collage.

Why on earth do I offer customized photo collages?

People will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou

If you are anything like my clients, you take a lot of photos, to remember moments and things. And to remember the feeling you had when the photo was taken. This is also how I record the moments that are important to me. I then develop them and store them in albums and photo books.

Too often, however, I see and hear that photos only live on disks and phones. Why don’t we set them free together?

How will I customize the collage?

✔️ The collage design will be tailored to your needs.

✔️ I will use as many photos as you want.

✔️ If you want to sign the collage, just let me know.

Are my photos safe?

Your photo collage will be created on my computer. I do not use online services and do not send your images to any company offering such services.

How do you get the finished collage?

You will receive a digital file at a resolution that will allow you to print it out at a print shop, photocopy shop, or develop it as a print or poster.

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