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My store doesn’t have the design of your dreams? No problem. I am a photo manager and will be happy to help you.

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Do you have thousands of similar digital photos and your walls are glowing empty? Or do you dream of being surrounded by your favorite photos that capture beautiful emotions?

I have a solution for you – a unique collage from photos.

Why do I offer collages?

No one takes pictures of what they want to forget

You probably also take photographs to remember different moments and things. So let your photos decorate your home and finally find a place for them in your life. Collect & print photos that are important to you and place them in frames on the walls. You can also make your own collage from photos to decorate your interior.

However, if you are not fond of artwork or completely lack the time for it, you can order a personalized collage from photos from me. You’ll have your cake and eat it too – I’ll prepare a design for you so that your best memories will have a place in your home. The collage can be made from photos of family, friends, places, or events. You can also use your photos to create a unique gift for someone else.

The photo collage will be tailored to your needs, so you do not have to reduce the number of photos you send me. I will use as many of them as you want. This way you will have all the photos that are most important to you gathered in one place. One glance and you can be transported to a recent vacation, a birthday party, or that restaurant where they served amazing desserts. Finally, your photos will begin to live with you inside your home instead of disappearing into the depths of old drives and computers.

If you have a lot of photos and are having a hard time finding your way through your archive, don’t worry – I can help you out. I am a photo manager and professionally turn the cluttered photo and video folders into collections of memories. I organize digital archives in person (Poland) and remotely (worldwide). Curious about the profession and service? Take a look at my article Photo manager – what I do and how I can help you organize your photos.

Jak wygląda zamawianie kolażu ze zdjęć?

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